Second Darkness

Enderil's Musings 003

A story was told to me whose validity I can’t verify but warmed the soul. A traveling merchant was traveling as traveling merchants do. He found himself in need of repairs and was quite angry. He didn’t have the proper tools but found a properly shaped rock that could take place and bear the load of his wagon. He packed it with glue and small strip of wood to secure it. It held well enough and he continued on his way. The next day around noon, he found himself beset by wolves. He whipped his horses into a fury but the pack was rather large. In trying to run some over with the cart wheels, he misjudged his surroundings and found his wagon flipped. The wolves immediately beset the horses. Fight as they may, they couldn’t hold off an entire pack nor could they flee still being bound together. As large as a couple horses can be, a few wolves found themselves without and started to look toward the merchant as their next meal. He reached desperately for anything he could use as a weapon and found his hand on the rock he patchworked earlier. The glue made it much easier for him to hold as a weapon as he was able to kill the wolves that were coming after him.

Seeing an out, he simply ran and ran and noticed he didn’t hear any wolves behind him. Interestingly, he found himself still grasping the rock. Looking at it, he saw a fissure had formed and the sunlight revealed a slight glint from within. Figuring he would take it to a jeweler if he survived to make to his next stop, he set out steeling himself. He was faced with hunger, thirst, and nearly freezing to death but made it, barely, to the next town. He about collapsed at the gate and the local watch carried him to an apothecary. Having been nursed back to health, he remembered the rock. Taking it to a gem cutter, it was found to be cored almost entirely of a singularly large diamond worth many more times than the wares he had on the road. Taking the money he secured from that diamond he went on the found a fairly vast trading emporium. One day during the height of his success, a priest came to him and told him that should he like to enjoy more wealth and success, he should give thanks to Abadar and devote him and his trade business to him. Incensed, he challenged the priest and even threatened to have him killed if he threatened his businesses again. The priest simply said, “my lord has given me but one phrase to tell you: it is I who placed the rock along your path.” The merchant converted immediately and his trade empire lasted the whole of his age.


qtperdu Hoagsie

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