Second Darkness

Serp's market adventure

In planning the trip to Devil’s Elbow, Serp considers a number of potential risks and opportunities.

0) Difficulty getting onto the ship
1) Getting stranded at sea
2) Getting lost at sea or on the island
3) Someone finding skymetal and getting violent about it
4) No one finding skymetal and getting violent about it
5) Not having a way back to Riddleport
6) All these skymetal rushers failed to bring appropriate supplies
7) Underwater combat

And some possible purchases to address those thoughts:
Folding ladder (2gp, 16 lbs) 10’ long ladder or plank for boarding or climbing that straps onto a backpack.
Grappling hook (1gp, 4lbs) and silk rope (10gp, 5lb) to board a hostile ship
Cork Vest (25gp, 1 lb) wearer only goes underwater if they fail their Swim check by 10 or more. +4 save against fatigue from swimming.
Flotation device (1gp, 2 lb) +1 bonus to Swim
Swim fins (1sp, 5 lb) +10 to swim speed
Compass (10gp, 1/2 lb) +2 to not get lost
Row boat (50gp) carries 2-3 medium creatures
Ioun torch (75gp) hands free light that functions underwater
Sun rod (2gp, or .67 to craft) provide 6 hrs of light underwater
Air crystals (50gp, or 16.67 to craft) provide 1 min of breathable air when chewed
Compressed Air (50gp, 10lbs) breathing apparatus with 10 minutes of air
Fishing kit (5sp, 3lb) a way to waste time while waiting to starve to death by the sea
Net (20gp, 6 lb) useful in non-lethal combat, underwater combat, and for fishing if needed
Short spear (1gp, 3lb) useful in underwater combat
Potion Sponge (2gp) can contain a potion for use underwater
Donkey (8gp, 600lb) pack animal ideally suited for rough mountainous terrain

Mining gear and basic provisions (varies) could sell for a lot more on Devil’s Elbow if there’s lots of people betting their wealth that they will find skymetal

Feather token: Swan Boat (450gp) – 24 hrs of magic boat (move speed 60’) that carries up to 32 medium creatures
Elixir of Swimming (250gp) +10 Swim for 1 hr
Potion of Alter Self (150gp) 3 minutes of 30’ swim speed and breathe underwater (polymorph effect)
Potion of Water Breathing (750gp) 10 hrs of breathing water
Wand of Touch of the Sea (750gp) 50x 1 minute of 30’ swim speed and +8 swim bonus (but no water breathing)

Ring of Sustenance (2500gp) useful if you’re left for dead on an unreachable island, or out at sea
Cloak of the Manta Ray (7200gp) unlimited breathe underwater, 60’ swim speed, plus other stuff while in salt water
Necklace of Adaptation (9000gp) breathe anything or nothing


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