Serp's sister


Shedding a warm and calming radiance, this orb of light moves with a preternatural silence and otherworldly grace.


Once a gregarious, friendly, charming Varisian woman. A wandering missionary of Shelyn with a bit of a cult following. She seeks to resolve all conflict peacefully and diplomatically, though she’s not above using a little of the magic of love to bring people around to peace. Despite this, her friends always seem to drag her into ever more violent clashes. She believes firmly in the power of love to heal body and soul, and that anyone can accomplish great things by channeling their inner beauty to love themselves and others even if it’s never returned.

While she avoids fighting intelligent humanoids, she relishes the opportunity to fight evil outsiders.

Upon her death, she was reincarnated as a Lantern Archon as part of a deal made with a Trumpet Archon for it’s assistance.

Since being reincarnated she serves her goddess more directly and has also taken on the task of reconciling with, and hopefully redeeming her brother as he’s found himself entwined with the fates of two of her goddess’s devotees.


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