Second Darkness

A New Path

Reborn. Rejuvenated. Dual paths converged. We, I, they? It’s all unified now. I know what I want, and I’ll do what I must to get it. First, these drow need to be eradicated. Still not clear exactly how we got pulled to the Witch Market. My party freaked out though. They’re so far in over their heads given to simple vice or base fear.

No matter. I have cleansed myself, and I am ready for what comes next. Tonight I shall begin inscribing the sigils upon my flesh. Then, it is only a matter of time. My former master comes. I do hope he is pleased with what I am. He doesn’t quite know what I am, even if he has been prying from afar. I’m not so haughty to think I can eclipse him, especially now, but I am a sapling with the potential overcome all.

I have seen it. Divine and arcane both bent to my will. To most, that is enough, but this path goes even beyond that. I have command of all. It was mine before. It will be again. My Prisma is complete. All I need are pupils. Though, that may be premature. We are still beset by forces unknown. It is best not to act until more is revealed. However, when I do, it will be swift. It will be terrible.

To think to have been ripped from time and to be merged with a royal babe. Neither of me could have asked for more given the circumstance. True, I still yearn for what was, but rather, I shall rebuild it and show Golarion what is has been missing. I will be the bridge and will show the way.

Even so, I must temper myself. Lasan’s deepening madness should not be pushed beyond what is necessary. I would still see him healed, though prudence may not permit it.

The incense has filled the room. The ink is ready. Lets begin.


qtperdu Hoagsie

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