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  • Riddleport Government

    The titular head of the Riddleport government is the self appointed Overlord of Riddleport, a position traditionally held for life. Riddleports current overlord is a former pirate captain named Gaston Cromarcky. Since the citys founding, Riddleport

  • Avery Slyeg

    Avery Slyeg has ties to the overlord, the extent of which are yet to be determined. He handles most of the major smuggling operations into and out of port and has a wide network of fences and black marketeers to move stolen goods and contraband. He

  • Varnal Knocmar

    Varnal Split Face Knocmar is a beggar master who runs a number of small-time cons, street gangs, and pickpockets, as well as some information brokering. He has several hideouts throughout the seediest alleys and slums of the

  • Elias Tammerhawk

    Elias Tammerhawk, Speaker of the Order of Cyphers and the most unlikely crimelord in town, is as much a scholar as he is a scoundrel. Hes maintained his position of power in Riddleport through cutthroat manipulation and disposing of rivals, and over

  • Ziphras

    Ziphras may just be the leader of a small street gang, but his methods and nature make him uniquely formidable. As a wererat, he and his boys are always on the lookout to recruit willing (or unwilling) members into his gang of lycanthropes. His people

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