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  • Rotgut District

    This district of disheveled businesses and collapsing tenements is crammed up against the citys protective ridge. Easily the poorest section in the city proper, Rotgut also hosts the highest crime rate and the most brothels and alehouses per capita.

  • Leeward District

    Riddleports largest district, Leeward is built into the protecting curve of the citys eastern ridge, where it is sheltered from the worst of the winter winds. The majority of the citys population resides in the tall tenements of this district, and

  • Lubbertown

    Reflecting Riddleports early days as a purely nautical destination, this shanty town of tents and simple dwellings sprung up outside the gates and beyond the official reach of the overlords taxes. Known derisively as Lubbertown for the fact that most

  • The Devils Fork

    Riddleports military district is nestled into the draws formed by the rocky ridgeline that guards the citys east and north sides. The Fork guards the northern approach to the city. Within the draws have been constructed a stableyard and barracks for

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