“What a mighty hero! Ready to rescue the ale from any mug!”

Background: Ghoulette is a roulettelike game invented by a strange rogue named Lixy Parmenter. She got the idea for the game after making an unusual discovery while robbing a grave—she found the decapitated head of Dungo the Savage. Dungo was a disillusioned bard and priest of Calistria known far and wide for his withering insults, capable of reducing the most confident lord to a shaking mass. Things did not end swimmingly for Dungo, as he was fatally munched by a ghoul. Before he succumbed to ghoul fever, he spat out one last curse: that the citizens of Riddleport would be haunted by his sharp tongue for all time. Unfortunately, his curse attracted Calistria’s attention, who was at the time in a particularly playful mood. She answered Dungo’s curse by transforming his head into a magic item. (The ghouls ate the rest of him.) Dungo retains a vestigial ability to hurl insults, even with the lack of lungs (or the need to breathe, for that matter). Lixy Parmenter found his insults to be rather amusing, and decided to turn the strange talking head into a gambling game. She mounted Dungo on a wheel and surrounded it with various categories, and players bet on the category that his head will face after each spin.

What You’ll Need: A spinner or a d12, plus markers and coins to track bets.

How to Play: To play, each player puts a marker and any number of coins on one or more of the spaces on the ghoulette wheel (minimum 10 cp per space). The croupier then spins Dungo until he comes to a stop. Dungo then issues an enraged insult at someone based on the particular topic he is looking at on the wheel. Any player who has coins on the subject matter of this insult is paid the amount of coins he bet in the next highest denomination—copper gets paid in silver (e.g., a 15 cp bet gets 15 sp), silver in gold, gold in platinum, and platinum in ten times the amount. If Dungo says “something nice,” each player gets a consolation prize of the amount of coins he bet in the next lowest denomination, rounded down (e.g., a 15 cp bet gets back 1 cp). Then the croupier presses a button that tilts the edges of the wheel slightly inward, and all original bets (regardless of win or loss) slide into slots under Dungo’s head and into the coffer under the table.


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